What Happened in Kenya with Your Support

Here is what we have done so far with your support in 2021

Recruiting and Registration Process for our 2021 / 8-month Training Program in Migori has ended.

We have officially started our new workshops ‘Tailoring’ and ‘Hairdressing’ trainings on 08.03.2021! 

With the funds we have been able to raise from “Mama’s Food” in January and February 2021, we have been able to:

  1. Register Hofogi as a Community based organisation in Migori county (Kenya).
  2. Facilitate our first community reach-outs and ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops.
  3. Buy necessary equipment and training materials.
  4. Secure our Launch Program for the first month of training.


A saying in Luo: ‘Gimaber chakore mos’ that translates: Everything great starts small… 


With your support for Mama’s Food in March,

  1. We could buy basic training materials and offer our attendees lunch  for March.
  2. Student Assessment examinations took place to assess the level of literacy and skills.
  3. We have successfully completed our first month of training in Tailoring and Hairdressing. 


As the first month of training has passed, we have started to get to know our participants. Every Friday we have one- on-one counselling to help us understand our girls more deeply. Day by day we get to hear their stories and the challenges they are facing. This allows us to choose the best methods in how to help them in these 8 months that will be spent hand in hand.  

Still a long way to go and lots to conquer; with your support we will surely make it and give hope to one girl at time.

You can continue supporting our 2021 Training Program by ordering Mama’s Food on Fridays!